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ACES Mobility Coalition Welcomes Five New Members

Updated: Jan 3

Washington, D.C. (December 1, 2023) – The Automated. Connected. Electric. Shared. (ACES) Mobility Coalition, is pleased to announce four new public members that will join their cooperative effort across the transportation sector dedicated to accelerating the full integration of automated, connected, electric, shared-use vehicles in mobility networks across the United States.

Joining the Coalition Board is the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) in Southeastern Michigan. SMART is the regional bus system for the region providing fixed route, connector and ADA paratransit and community transit services to nearly 11 million riders annually. General Manager Dwight Ferrell will represent SMART on the Board.

The Coalition will also gain three advisory members: Shared-Use Mobility Center, SAFE/ Coalition for Reimagined Mobility, and International Transportation Regulators Association (ITRA).

  • The Shared-Use Mobility Center focuses on replacing car-centric transportation with people-focused mobility to fight climate change, promote equity, and strengthen community, which includes autonomous vehicles. Lauren N. McCarthy, Director and Strategic Lead for California and Western States Programs, will represent the Shared-Use Mobility Center;

  • The SAFE/Coalition for Reimagined Mobility is a coalition to advance new mobility technologies and services that will shape transportation outcomes for people and the planet. Allanté Whitmore, Ph.D., Director, Autonomous Vehicle Initiative, will represent SAFE/Coalition for Reimagined Mobility);

  • The International Association of Transportation Regulators is an educational organization sharing information and best practices related to ground transportation services such as taxicabs, micro-transit, buses, and paratransit. Mathew Daus, President, will represent the International Association of Transportation Regulators.

For more information about the ACES Mobility Coalition's activities and the benefits of autonomous mobility, visit

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