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Our Purpose

The ACES Mobility Coalition envisions a world where shared autonomous mobility will achieve widespread adoption to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips, reduce traffic, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, protect vulnerable road users, connect underserved communities to critical transportation options, preserve and expand equitable transit access, and enable safe, convenient mobility for all.

ACES technology represents a distinct first and last-mile use case with unique safety attributes that should be factored into regulatory decision-making and that is currently overshadowed in the regulatory process by broader autonomous use cases.

Our Goals

To serve our mission, The ACES Mobility Coalition aims to:
  • Educate. Inform federal and state legislators and regulators, the public, and the private sector about the benefits of shared autonomous mobility.
  • Advocate.  Support safe deployment, research, and policies for shared autonomous mobility and regulations that promotes early and scalable adoption.
  • Regulate. Ensure that regulations support public transportation, promote safety, workforce development, sustainable business models, commercialization, and scalability.
  • Legislate. Ensure legislation creates the proper regulatory structure for shared autonomous mobility to support public transportation.
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