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Unlocking 21st Century Mobility System: How to Rethink the Future of Mobility and Restore Leadership in Transportation Innovation - This report from ACES member Coalition for Reimagined Mobility aims to reset the narrative around transportation innovation on the premise that bold action and coordinated commitment among a diverse set of stakeholders is necessary to unlock the potential of mobility enabling technologies that benefit society and the planet at-large and improve people’s daily lives. Documenting both the opportunities and barriers while presenting a course of action, the report reimagines a global mobility system that delivers transformative changes to effectively address major societal challenges — emissions and air quality, equity, access, national security, efficiency, and safety — that are linked to how people and goods move around the world.

Addressing the Patchwork: A State-by-State Analysis for Autonomous Trucking in the United States - This page illustrates the current political landscape in terms of State policies and regulations concerning autonomous trucks and convoys and their deployment. 

Automated Vehicle Resources - This page is one-page of many resources for the automated vehicles industry such as logistics, utility, education, training, regulations, and safety best practices. 

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