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The Automated. Connected. Electric. Shared (ACES) Mobility Coalition aims to promote the use of shared autonomous mobility to support public transportation, safety, underserved communities, the environment, and good, high-paying jobs.

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Who We Are

The ACES Mobility Coalition is a public sector led, multi-stakeholder coalition to educate and promote appropriate regulation and adoption of shared mobility providing first- and last-mile connectivity to support public transportation, safety, the environment, and workforce development.

ACES technology represents a distinct first and last-mile use case with unique safety attributes that should be factored into regulatory decision-making and that is currently overshadowed in the regulatory process by broader autonomous use cases.


ACES Mobility Coalition members include forward-thinking and innovative transit agencies, transportation operators, advocates for pedestrian safety and safe transportation, advocates for sustainable transportation options, new mobility stakeholders, manufacturers, technology companies, and real estate developers.

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